General information

Aticelca is the Italian association of the technicians and experts working for the paper industry.

Established in 1967, Aticelca has always been the aim of offering its associated technical and scientific knowledge in order to improve the methods of paper and raw materials production in the paper industry. Aticelca actively cooperates with other Italian and foreign technical organizations.

The main activities

Annual Congress of Italian Pulp and Paper Industry

The annual congress of the Italian pulp and paper industry has the purpouse to present the most significant and innovative contributions in the field of technology, energy and environment, both Italian and foreign. 

The event is addressed to technical directors, production directors, research and development directors of the Italian pulp and paper mills.

Once again, the last edition of the congress was a great success, showing the event as the most important annual meeting for the Italian paper industry technicians.


Scientific and technical publications

Aticelca publishes scientific and technical books in Italian language, written by highly qualified members or translated by renowned international texts.


Memorial scholarship "Alf De Ruvo"

Aticelca, in cooperation with the Master Carta&Cartone by Celsius, awards, every two years, a scholarship of the total amount of € 4.000,00 reserved to graduated who wrote a graduation thesis particularly interesting on a paper technology subject and to the students of the Master Carta&Cartone.